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Stufflers is a mobile party activity where kids 'Stuff' their very own teddy bear or plush animal with our 1.5m tall mobile stuffing machine. Stufflers is a fun and easy activity that you can do at home birthdays or onsite at your event.

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School Holiday and Vacation Care Activities

Stufflings Puppets! Make a Builder Bear at Vacation Care! Kids love this school holiday activity as they get to select a favourite bear or animal to dress in a construction themed outfit.  Children get to make and keep their own bear or animal using our mobile stuffing machine the FluffenStuff.

Add voice chips which are available in pre-recorded and recordable options to further personalise the builder bear.


You can also select from themes including Stuff-a-Pillow, Stufflings Puppets, and our seasonal Easter Bunnies and Christmas Bears.


Stuff-a-Pillow SelectionTo enquire, fill out our online Program Enquiry Form


How the Program Works:


Bringing an Elephant to Life                                                                                                       Stufflers Birth Certificate

Elephant Stuffing   Stufflers Birth Certificate

* All kids must be registered in our Stufflers Kids Club, with fully completed parent permission forms to receive these special prices.  A minimum number of 30 children need to participate. If more than 50 children take part, we provide FREE DELIVERY!

 FluffenStuff Machine

 FluffenStuff Bear Stuffing Machine