Builder Bears

Stufflers is a mobile party activity where kids 'Stuff' their very own teddy bear or plush animal with our 1.5m tall mobile stuffing machine. Stufflers is a fun and easy activity that you can do at home birthdays or onsite at your event.

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Welcome to Builder Bears!


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Dress your Teddy in Builder or Construction Clothes!

Dragon Builder BearIf your child loves building things, check out our Builder Bears! Personalise your teddy bear or stuffed animal by dressing them in a Builders Outfit!

These super cute builders clothes for bears include a hard hat, safety vest and tradie pants.  Dress your best furry friend just like this.

Watch the excitement building as creative kids make a bear or animal at a Home Birthday Party!

At a Stufflers Party, the children use our Mobile Stuffing Machine, the FluffenStuff to create their own animal or teddy bear!  Browse the main website and choose from our many Themes for Birthday Parties

Our fantastic home birthday party hire system gives you the latest in Children’s Entertainment!

See how our Party Plan works on video!

Construction Outfit on Fluffy Bear

We are addding to our range frequently and have a range of bear and animal styles which girls and boys will love to build! 

Talk to us about a unique childrens activity for your next event, fete or festival.